Surgery Question – Lumbar fusion: XLIF

The M.D. is recommending lumbar fusion. Specifically, a procedure known as XLIF.
Has anyone had this?
What can I expect?
What questions should I ask?
How long is the typical recovery for a 50 yr. old?

I felt rushed in the consultation and a little pressured to sign the forms for a January surgery date. I didn’t sign forms for the surgery just yet. I do feel strange that they would not give me the forms to take home and read at my leisure. Why can’t I take the forms home for reading? BTW, I’m going through Palo Alto Medical Clinic.
Any constructive input would be appreciated.

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3 Responses to “Surgery Question – Lumbar fusion: XLIF”

  1. Reviewer says:

    Get two other opinions

    I know the second will cost you, but it is worth it. Lumbar fusion usually leads to further surgeries later. Yes, read everything and make a list of questions. You are being hurried much too quickly.

  2. Reviewer says:

    My mom had spinal fusion surgery 6 years ago as a “last resort” procedure for her stenosis and constant numbness and pain. Her recovery was at least 8 weeks (she was 71 at the time). She is still in pain, but not as severe and she can now feel her feet which she feels was worth the surgery.

  3. Reviewer says:

    Every case is different, but you should NOT feel pressured. I’d recommend a second opinion before ANY surgery that is not emergent. Also, weigh the risks (worsening of symptoms, complications, etc.) vs. the possible benefits.

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