Similac Alimentum (Baby Formula) Reviews

Similac Alimentum Description
Some babies have long crying spells and cannot be easily comforted. Excessive crying or fussiness is sometimes called colic and may be due to a sensitivity to the protein in the formula. Other symptoms such as severe diarrhea, rashes and even sleeping problems can be caused by protein sensitivity. Similac Alimentum is a trusted alternative to both milk based and soy based Similac Formula. If the babies digestive system is especially sensitive and requires an extra gentle formula, ask the doctor about Similac Alimentum. This formula from Similac is easy for sensitive babies to digest because its protein is broken down into tiny pieces to virtually eliminate allergic reations in most babies who are allergic to cows milk protein.

What Similac Alimentum can do?
* Similac Alimentum relieves colic in most babies in just 24 hours
* Similac formula can help with long crying spells or fussiness
* Other formulas can cause symptoms such as diarrhea, rashes or sleeping problems
* Similac Alimentum can help with protein sensitivity
* Formula from Similac is an alternative to milk-based and soy-based formulas

Similac Alimentum Customer Reviews
“Similac Alimentum is a lifesaver for my little boy. He spent a week in the NICU when he was born and is very sensitive to milk. This formula was the magic bullet to keep us out of the emergency room and my little guy is thriving like crazy. The drawback…it smells like soup and it’s too expensive. This seller is a good resource to cut the cost but you do get what you pay for. The cans are a little dinged up and some have clearly had inventory tracking stickers pulled off of them. The expiration dates are favorable, so no worries there. Really, if you can get past the cosmetic blemishes in the packaging, you can’t beat this price.” by Mommy74

“My daughter used Alimentum and it stopped her colic due to acid reflux. I want to spread the word that most insurance companies will completely cover the cost of hypoallergenic formula, either by reimbursing you what you’ve spent on it, or if you get it as a prescription through your pediatrician.

Many doctors don’t know this, so they don’t know to give a prescription for the formula. Call your insurance company today!” by Helen.

“My son unfortunately was unable to breastfeed and could not tolerate any other formula out there. This may be expensive, but it has been worth every penny. It has solved his bellyaches and has helped tremendously with his colic symptoms. My husband and I noticed a huge difference in our son’s behavior after just one bottle. We got our calm, good-natured baby back because of this formula :) ” by Lovey879

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