36 weeks pregnant, how will I tell the difference between going to the bathroom and my water breaking?

I am 36 weeks pregnant and I am nervous that I will not know when my water breaks. I go to the bathroom, of course, all the time. How will I know if my water has broken.

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19 Responses to “36 weeks pregnant, how will I tell the difference between going to the bathroom and my water breaking?”

  1. Andrea says:

    when your water breaks, it keeps leaking afterwards. So if you lie down, you will continue to feel a bit of leakage.

  2. spammerz85 says:

    I have never been pregnant but from my friend that was, she said it just feels like a big gush of water, so should feel different than peeing.

  3. beckaboo5 says:

    when ur water breaks it will be a gush of water coming out of u and u will start having contractions really bad…

  4. Steph says:

    when your water breaks, it will continue to leak out, you will prob want to wear a panty liner all the time until it happens because it may just leak out or break at once but either way you will have a constant wetness, but will kinda come out in gushes as you stand up and stuff- kinda gross feeling that isnt like peeing

  5. Elana says:

    Not to put to fine a point on it but … wrong hole.

    It will gush, rather than all being forced through the very small opening of the urethra. I promise you, if THAT doesn’t make you want to go to the hospital, the ensuing contractions will.

    Good luck!

  6. ~Kiss~ says:

    It will still be leaking when you move and such if its your water that has broken. Mine broke in a gush then when i would move of cough more would gush out, lol. My friends water just leaked for a few hours, she didnt realize it was her water until she started contracting.

  7. ataman says:

    Most women do not experience their water breaking, it is usually done at the hospital by the doctor once labor has started. But if you are a woman whose water breaks it can sometimes be a tough call. It will be easy to tell if the the fluid will be steady leaking out of you, even after you go to the bathroom, it would continue to leak out. Standing up would be the worst for it to keep leaking. There are other women who get a very slow leak and will leak fluid over the course of several days. If you suspect that you are leaking fluid all you have to do is go into your doctor or emergency room and they will stick a paper strip inside of you that will turn a certain color if you are leaking amniotic fluid.

  8. LINZI says:

    Well when my waters break i had just had a bath, i felt a wierd sensation as though a bubble was trying to get out of me! Then all of a sudden loads of water gushed out and it was gushing out, trickling, gushing out, and carried on doing that even when i arrived at hospital. Trust me, you WILL know. Good luck, congrats!

  9. alexandersmama16 says:

    When they broke my water at the hospital it kept leaking and pouring out. Its not usually one big gush and you are done. And amniotic fluid is supposed to have a slightly sweet smell. So that can help you differentiate between pee leakage and fluid leakage.

  10. Happyone says:

    Oh you’ll know when your water breaks it feels different from urine, believe me you’ll know; it’s a different feeling. Congrats!!

  11. beachbum says:

    you will know the difference you can not control the water break.

  12. Randi says:

    You’re water wont necessarily break on it’s own, mine didn’t.

    The water is warmer and there’s blood clot looking things with it. It feels almost like a really warm period. It can either gush or trickle. If you turn around or change positions and there’s a trickle and it just keeps on doing this than it’s your water. It’s not like,”Oops I sneezed and peed on myself.” It’s like,”Why am I wetting on myself?”

  13. suzer384 says:

    When your water breaks, it may be a gush, or it may be a trickle. WIth my first, I got a pin prick leak in the top, so my water just trickled for about 24 hours (with no labour) – I wound up being induced because there was fear of infection.
    When your water breaks, even a trickle, you will just know. It’s not even close to the sensation of going to the bathroom, and it will continue to trickle – it will not just gush and then stop.

  14. Samone says:

    Usually… but not always you’ll see & feel a gush, like you’ve peed yourself, but afterwards pretty much everytime the baby moves around you’ll feel more small gushes.
    Technically, your considered “due” 2 weeks before (at 38 weeks) untill 42 weeks.
    First watch for your “plug” it’s a gooey gross substance that was covering your cervix for the baby, as your body prepares that will let go, and usually you’ll notice it as you wipe yourself after peeing. You’ll just seem goopy. Thats usually a pretty good sign that things are about to happen. Watch for a backache, menstrual like cramps, or an increase in those braxton hicks contractions… all can be signs that labor is getting ready to start.

  15. doggenfreek says:

    You will feel the urge to pee, but when your water breaks, it just happens. There is no feeling envolved.

  16. mandi3551 says:

    catsrfud… IDK what is wrong with you, You are wrong and rude!!!!! When your water breaks, you will know because as stated before it is not coming from the urethra. My water broke with my daughter but not with my son, so it is not guaranteed to break when you are starting labor.

  17. Theresa N says:

    I had this happen – I was in the tub and felt like I had to pee, so I stood up and I thought my bladder had failed! I sat on the toilet and it just kept trickling, so I figured it out.

  18. wifey_1120 says:

    You will know! My water broke at 3:15 am and I thought I had peed the bed! I got up and went to the bathroom and afterwards it was still coming out! It is so exciting! Your contractions will probably start a little while later! I always thought I would not know when my contractions were starting, but trust me you will know! As I was going through labor I was thinking I could not mistake this for anything else! This is a very exciting time! Good luck and Congrats!

  19. carebearemmy says:

    for me i started to leak 2 days before my due date, i didn’t even know till the night before i woke up cause i thought i wet the bed, i went to the toilet and it was still coming out, it had a smell like seamen like i just had sex with my hubby. I went to the hospital that morning and they induced me cause they had been broke a bit for 2 days and i gave birth on her due date. My midwife told me to check for the smell, (seamen) if you leak put a pad in your nickers and if you keep leaking check the smell and if it smells like seamen then yes. That’s what a nurse told me.


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