How do I apply for child care assistance if I am a low-income parent?

I have two children under the age of 18 months and I need to go back to work since I have been out of work to take care of my babies. Daycare costs a lot of money for babies and someone had told me once to apply for child care assistance and that it would help me dramatically. How would I go about applying? Where would I go? Do I have to pay up-front costs? How does this work? If anybody has any answers it would be greatly appreciated on my part. THANK YOU in advance.

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10 Responses to “How do I apply for child care assistance if I am a low-income parent?”

  1. Jackie says:

    call your local welfare office

  2. andrews.baby2310 says:

    i heard something about this too! But i’m not sure exactly how it works. Since it is assistance I don’t think there are any upfront costs. Try calling your local DFCS office. I’m sure they can help.

  3. Kelly K says:

    Go to the welfare department. They have resources, numbers, and/or applications for it! I know that when my friend tried to get it there was a waiting list…unless she went on food stamps and/or cash aid. So, you may want to apply for food stamps as well!

  4. Summer & baby #2 says:

    Go to your local Health & Human Resources Department.
    They have programs that can help you with the cost of child care – in WV the program is called Title 20.

  5. Satchmo says:

    You must be white if you don’t know this.

  6. Bradley'sMoM says:

    Go to your Family Services dept. in your state. You apply by filling out an application, showing proof of income, proof of bills such as utilities and rent ,and a couple of things. It usually takes 30 days to get started. You need to find a daycare that takes Title 20 (childcare assistance) and get signed up with them before you can be approved. You pay a percentage of what the childcare costs. My friend’s childcare is $147.00 a week, and she pays $84.00 a month of that cost. What you pay is based on what you make. You have to have a job or be in school before you can apply for assistance and must show proof of your hours, usually by getting the employer or school to fill out a form. This is all depending on what state you are in. I’m in Ohio and that is how it works here.

  7. Tiffany says:

    look into it online- that is how i found it. my county has its own office for it.. there was a waiting list for mine i searched (my county) federal block grant child care assistance. it took me a while to find it but it helps a ton. .. if you are going to have irregular schedule i would advise you chhose a home vs a center b/c with the center theywill end up charging you ft spot if that is what you are holding even if you are only using them pt- the grant will only pay for what you use (make sence) but hen you will be responsible for the difference .. we have had to do a couple hundred a few times :( just follow the guidelines as clostly as possible! good luck!

  8. destiny says:

    Go to your local department of human services office. Ask for a application and how long it will take to get approved. U will qualify! They give u so many hours a week that they will pay for and if u go over u pay the difference. Talk to someone at dhs they can explain more about it to u.

  9. swddrb says:

    call your local department of public welfare or family services
    they will tell you where to apply
    each state is a little different

  10. Be happy or live miserable. says:

    Go to the state help department.


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