How long can HIV/AIDS virus survive in water?

Let’s an HIV/AIDS infected person dropped a blood drop in a cup of water, how long can the HIV virus survive?

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3 Responses to “How long can HIV/AIDS virus survive in water?”

  1. Noelle says:

    Well, that really depends (Is the water hot or cold, is there chlorine in it, etc?). However. I do know that the HIV virus doesn’t like to live outside the body for more than a couple minutes. I’m not sure WHY you’re asking this question, but whatever happened, I’m willing to bet you’re probably fine…

  2. K P says:

    HIV virus cant survive out side a human body.

    if you are infected with HIV, and you drop a blood drop, the viruses inside are still active, but on the outer surface of the blood drop are dead.

    viruses like HIV, only survives in human or animal body, not in the water or anywhere else.

  3. LINDA R says:

    Once HIV is outside the body, exposed to air, it only survives for a few minutes.


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