Jack3d Tropical Fruit Punch 8.8 oz

  • Jack3d “Jacked” Tropical Fruit Punch Flavor – 45 Servings

Product Description
While some products may cause the excitation you need to get motivated to get into the gym and move weight around, but unless you also have some “energy in the tank” you’re not going to perform your best.

Yet, with USPlabs Jack3d, you’ll not only have to force yourself to get out of the gym, but you’ll get more repetitions in while you’re there. More repetitions will ultimately lead to more muscle mass.

USPlabs Jack3d has a precise blend of compounds that will not only get you flying through your workouts like a mad man, but will allow you to have hours upon hours of energy without a harsh crash at the end.

In essence, this product hits both angles, allowing you to increase strength, power, focus and stamina, while providing the motivation to get into the gym. The end result is better performance in the gym and ultimately, more muscle mass.

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Jack3d Tropical Fruit Punch 8.8 oz

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5 Responses to “Jack3d Tropical Fruit Punch 8.8 oz”

  1. Zeppelin Fan says:

    Let me start off by saying that I since I started lifting three years ago, I have gone through countless bottles of NO-Xplode, Superpump 250, Nano Vapor, and Energized Xpand. While all of these have worked for me (Energized Xpand is definitely the best out of the four), I will absolutely never go back after trying Jack3d.

    First of all, the taste is absolutely phenomenal compared to any of the above-mentioned supplements (tastes like Lemon-Lime Kool Aid). Since it is so concentrated, I only need about 8 ounces of water for two scoops, which is great in itself. I remember having to fish around for the largest cup I could find when I was using NO-Xplode, because there was so much powder to water down. It takes me less than a minute to finish my cup of Jack3d.

    I have never felt anything like the effects I have gotten from the five or six times (so far) that I have used Jack3d, and have so far built up no tolerance – it’s been two scoops every time. Almost immediately upon drinking it, I get a tingly feeling starting in my face which then progresses to my entire upper body. I’ll admit that it’s not the most comfortable feeling ever (kind of like when your foot falls asleep), but it’s nice because you really feel like the product is working. This effect only lasts about twenty minutes.

    20-30 minutes after consuming Jack3d, I start to feel the energy. It’s not a sudden rush (and sudden urge to crap) like other pre-workout supplements. It’s almost euphoric; I’ve never gotten this effect from anything else. The energy does not wear off (or even wear down) for hours. This is the first supplement I have ever taken where I do not start crashing toward the end of my workout or on my way home. I literally (I know this sounds cliche) have to force myself to leave the gym, usually after well over an hour. The pump I get from this product is probably the best part about it – absolutely unreal and unsurpassed.

    I have been changing my diet recently, which probably has some to do with it, but since starting using Jack3d a week and a half ago, I have gained around 3 lbs. I am an extremely hard gainer, and am confident this product (along with a high protein and carbohydrate diet) will help me finally reach my goal of 200 lbs, with 6 lbs to go.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. schultz f says:

    I read the other reviews and was skeptical on this product thinking it may be the manufacturer or seller fabricating these reviews . I have had trouble finding an enduring supplement to get me going during workout since the ephedra days. I used this product this morning about an hour after having a banana and about (8oz)of oatmeal. I took two scoops and mixed it with about 8oz of lemon lime powerade and downed it about 10 min before workout. I felt it start to hit me within minutes and really hit me about 20-30 min later. This stuff works big time! However, there is no way I am taking two scoops again, and have no idea how someone could handle three on a near empty stomach. It has stayed in my system for at least 2-3 hrs and really works. There is a very “slight” crash that I think will be rectified once I lower the dose down to 1 scoop (as directions suggest you start off trying). I highly recommend not trying this product with any other stimulant until you feel the effects, it works.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. DOSS says:

    Awesome Pre Workout suppliment. Great Value for what it does. Im in the Military and there are days where motivating myself to go to the Gym is hard. 2 scoopes and BAM!!!! My Scalp gets a little tingly, but my focus and drive is OFF THE CHAIN!!! Im like an Animal wanting more!! more!!! MORE!!!! I feel Great and unlike some suppliments that make your heart rate go all crazy this stuff agrees with me just fine. Again only side effect is a little tinkle in my scalp and a Awesome Pump.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. This is a very powerful product, and you definitely should NEVER dose more than what they recommend. In addition, cut off entirely your intake of caffeinated drinks (soda, coffee, tea) on days that you will workout and use Jack3d. Lastly, only use it when you work out.

    This stuff gives you a ridiculous sense of energy. 15 minutes after dosing, I feel tingly all over my body, and when I listen to some Rage Against The Machine, I’m ready to lift trucks and push llamas up a hill. When I workout with Jack3d, I push about an extra 2 or 3 reps, and I have the energy to do one more set of whatever I’m working out. Also, I find myself needing less time to rest, and I find my workouts much more efficient. The amount of work I do at the gym in 45 minutes of time on Jack3d is probably equivalent to what I would do in 90 minutes without it.

    Afterwards, when you go home from the gym, you’ll be in the mood to do homework, your laundry, the dishes, and maybe go back to the gym. I don’t recommend you use this if you plan to sleep a few hours later.

    With that being said, it’s not a miracle product.

    It’s a nice catalyst to get you going, but you’re still going to have to put in all the work if you want to see those gains.

    When I’m done with my stash, I’m going to take about a month break from it to wash out any sort of physiological dependence/down-regulation, but I may purchase it again because it works so well.

    I pair this with Animal Pak vitamins, and I take half a serving of whey (26g protein) before workout, then a full serving (52g) post-workout.

    UPDATE 15 Jan 2010: It’s been about a month since I’ve been off of Jack3d, and I’m happy to report no adverse effects of coming down, and as far as I can tell, no real physiological or psychological dependence on it. At least that’s my report. I can’t say it’s the same for everyone. I now do a pre-workout of whey+BCAA+creatine and 2-3 cups of green tea. I don’t get the fuzzy feeling from Jack3d, but at least I still get pumped from the caffeine.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. T. Yoder says:

    I have been using NO supplements for the past six months or so, cycling from FastTwitch to NOXplode to MRI Blackpowder and now the Jack3d. I’m convinced that different people react differently to each of these supplements even though they are, at the core, very similar. That being said, I think Jack3d has had the biggest impact for me with the fewest side effects (upset stomach, jittery) of any of these products. I didn’t get the ‘tingles’ like many people have mentioned here, just a good feeling of solid energy and focus. The first time I used this I went through a P90X arm workout at the gym with no problem whatsoever and EXCELLENT pumps. I even did 20 minutes of ab/cardio exercises afterwards and I left the gym (after 75 minutes of hard work) feeling great. Combine this product with careful pre- and post-workout nutrition (NO PROTEIN or food an hour before taking an NO supplement) and most people will see solid results.

    The good… I like the simple list of ingredients (even though they do the usual “proprietary blend” thing when it comes to giving you a breakdown of the quantities of each). I like the cost- medium sized people can do well on two scoops. That gives you about 20+ servings per container. I like the small scoops that mix easily and go down quickly (and the small container can fit in a bag or briefcase easily). Most importantly, I like the results. This product seems to deliver on its promises.

    The bad… This contains sucralose. I don’t like the sucralose. USP, if you read this PLEASE make this product in an unsweetened version and allow us to mix it with juice or other flavors on our own. I hate the idea of putting sucralose into my body. Secondly, don’t expect to go to bed a half an hour after a workout on Jack3d. This stuff has caffeine so you know what will happen. The smell is a bit off-putting but I’ve learned that taste / smell are minute factors when compared to results. Other than that I can’t find too much else that is wrong with this product.

    Rating: 5 / 5


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