Need to give baby sitter legal authority to medical care of child while we’re away?

Is there a form or template to access on-line?

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6 Responses to “Need to give baby sitter legal authority to medical care of child while we’re away?”

  1. mommy_2_liam says:

    Call your Dr office and ask them what you need to fill out. A notorized letter usually does the trick. Just a blanket letter that you give your caregiver permission to make medical decisions while you are away, adn the days that you are away.

  2. msporlein08 says:

    If you write up a basic paper saying in case of emergency she is allowed to then you sign it it is legally binding.

  3. missydanser says:

    I would just get a power of attorney form try or go to your local H&R Block office they can usually print off forms like that.

  4. Danielle T says:

    I would call your doctor and have your babysitter listed as a person who can take your child to have medical attention. Also, I would write something up and have both parents (unless you are a single parent) sign it, saying that the babysitter (list full name, and possibly date of birth?) is qualified to ok medical care for (give your children’s full names, and dates of birth). Be sure to leave behind any kind of medical insurance cards if your children have them, so that the hospital/doctor can treat your children.

  5. CHRISTOPHER S says:

    It’s pretty basic really

    Emergency Treatment Release
    Any licensed physician, dentist or hospital may give necessary emergency medical service to our child(ren) (insert name(s)) at the request of (insert name of caretaker) while he/she is in their care.
    Clearly readable printed name and also signature of parent or legal guardian
    Dates of Release:(the dates your child will be the care of the caretaker)
    Be sure to also include the medical information for the child – med #, doc phone #, etc.Also, include any emergeny contact information for yourself. Just incase the caretaker needs them at a moments notice.

  6. Nanny A says:

    Have it notarized.

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