What are signs of pregnancy before you even miss your period?

I’ve had very sore nipples, am achy at times in my low abdomen and the other day had a large amt of white and brownish tinged sticky discharge.I took pregnancy tests which were negative 3 times.
I’m sure everyone asks this but could they have been false negatives,do these seem like symptoms of pregnancy?Could the discharge have been implantation bleeding?
Thank you so much!

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5 Responses to “What are signs of pregnancy before you even miss your period?”

  1. Jennifer says:

    If your about to start your period soon this is reasonably normal!
    If not youre breasts may just be growing and you may have an infection which causes the discharge. See your doctor or call NHS direct in your in the UK :)

  2. USMC Wife Due Feb.11 2010 says:

    Those do sound like pregnancy symptoms and implantation bleeding, if you havent actually missed your period yet then you may have tested too early. So wait to see if you do miss it to take it. Good luck.

  3. wfhlembo says:

    Sore breasts are the number one sign of pregnancy before you miss your period. missing your period is next. if you miss your period, get a preg test. implantation bleeding is usually after you miss your period, the discharge is not implantation bleeding – I don’t know what that is??!! implantation bleeding is just like your period blood, but it’s only a few drops. good luck!

  4. Becs ttc#1 says:

    hi,i dont know if im pregnant or not cos all my hpt come out negative..but i have so much of cm discharge it is not funny hey..like creamy and all day every day…my nipples look normal and no other signs..i am going to test again next week…my last period was on 06/07 and nothing since..this is my second month now..was supposed to get it on 02/08 nothing came and then on 29/08 and still nothing…i did have some spotting last month..which was so faint and light..

  5. jessiekay says:

    I’ve never heard of implantation bleeding but I can tell you as far as pregnancy you do have sore nipples and whitish discharge. My sister took three tests that all came out negative and she was actually pregnant had to get a blood test to confirm it so it is possible that you are pregnant. I would wait till you miss your period for sure and retest then if you still have all the symptoms and no period its probably a good thing to make a doctors appt.Hope this helped and good luck!


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