What can help a pregnant women dilate faster?

I know some women take a long time to dilate, and some are fast. What can a pregnant woman (while pregnant) to help become fully dilated when labor comes? Techniques? Classes? Excercise?

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4 Responses to “What can help a pregnant women dilate faster?”

  1. **lelands mommy** says:

    everyone has ideas about how to i tried them all and nothing worked and i was 2 cm and 90% effaced he was two days late only cause i was induced

  2. Rhiannan says:

    my friend used acupressure to help speed things up.

  3. Fannie In Luv With Her Baby Girl says:

    Some will tell you to use casto oil or red raspberry leaf tea, but in both cases, it can cause more damage then help. I highly suggest you stay away from those, or at least talk about it with your doctor before you try it.
    Some others will say : eating pineapple, eating spicy foods, long walks, funny movies. And though it’s probably not true, you’ve got nothing to lose (I did eat 2 pineapples the week before going in labor, but not sure if there is a link though!)
    The only “proven” way is : SEX… there is something in your partner’s semen that can cause you to dilate.

    Good luck and congrats

  4. K. Madison says:

    sex, sex, and mo’ sex…time will get you where you need to be, just wait


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