Why do men get raped in prison sometimes? I mean cant they get aids/hiv from unprotected sex?

Why is prison rape allowed in the united states? If a man raped in prison comes back out in to society and contracted aid/hiv from prison and then has a wife and gives it to her etc. Is that not gross? Prison rape is not funny nor is it alright, contracting Hiv/aids is a death sentence. Rape is rape, whether it is a man raping a woman, another man, or child. Rape is rape and it should be condemned in prison and abroad. What does the yahoo community think about this issue?

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4 Responses to “Why do men get raped in prison sometimes? I mean cant they get aids/hiv from unprotected sex?”

  1. Dragon says:

    I think rape in prison is wrong to because the person getting raped can be very traumatized and men get raped in prison because the other men perfurably the ones that are going to be thier for 20 to life and the hardened criminals arent going to see women for a long time so they feel they must get thier needs taken care of

  2. Dok says:

    prisoners can do prity much anything they want in the UN well with n reason lol, it keeps the prisoners from givn the guards a hard time. i had 2 redo my answer i miss read ur question lol.

  3. Snowflakes says:

    I doubt a woman would have unprotected sex with a man who was released from prison without him getting tested and if he has unprotected sex while infected and passes it on he’ll go right back to jail. 20% of inmates get raped. That’s just how it goes. No different than 40% of women getting raped at some point in their lives outside of prison. Men are basically evil for the most part.

  4. Desiree says:

    Rape is not allowed in prison, the guards are supposed to condem the peoplel that are responsilbe for raping the people. It is gross and wrong but the prison system is are not responsible for what goes on when the lights go out.


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