13 year old girl gets pregnant from swimming in a pool on Vacation ?

Hey guys, what do you think about this story, this 13 year old girl has allegedly gotten pregnant from swimming in a pool while she was on vacation. Here is the link to the story news.ninemsn.com.au

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25 Responses to “13 year old girl gets pregnant from swimming in a pool on Vacation ?”

  1. TheySmiledBack says:

    That is absolutely impossible
    1. The chlorine would kill the sperm
    2. Sperm can not swim fast enough, or in the right direction, to make it to one of her eggs through any type of fluid
    3. This is is a whore and I hope she gives the baby up for adoption, because it does not need to be raised by stupid people

  2. mysubsbang says:

    @Vortigon — oops you know mom that thing that was sticking out of the pool sorta porked my sorry ass. lol damn retards lmao.

  3. 000tautvis says:

    what else she could lie

  4. daengpengu says:

    im pretty sure she is lying

  5. YounggJewelz says:

    Thts wht Sheeeee Saaaaid.

  6. tatulover2120 says:

    i never want to swim again

  7. StevenDeedle says:

    @NIKOjoker14 Couldn’t of said it any better myself, she probably had sex with like 4 different people in a matter of 2 hours, what a slut! lol

  8. Pinsoner says:

    not true that chik it just a slut how likes men from other countrys

  9. Starhardy1154 says:

    for one thing i dont think there is any such thing cuz of the chlorine will kill it off i think they should give her pap smear to check if she had any intercourse or anything of that nature……….cuz getting pregnant dont just happen like that……….

  10. dyeoreyekiwlyou says:


  11. LilChuckyWoodenHead says:

    You are Just hearing that one ??????? Nothing but an old story that worked it’s way into the internet !

  12. Slam54102 says:

    @mrJust2468 …me

  13. greanbedhead2 says:

    @Dancingstagequeen yah, that soty is bullsh*t

  14. greanbedhead2 says:

    you’d think that someone would see a man jacking off in a pool!?!?!?!

  15. Kamakazi187 says:

    @mrJust2468 i do but only on thursdays

  16. adythify says:

    what the hell?!
    she’s a freaking liar!!!
    go to hell girl !!!

  17. Dancingstagequeen says:

    lol I’m sorry but that soty is Bullsh*t!!

  18. Beksauce says:

    Shes fucking LYING!

  19. Probablyacowtbh says:

    I call bullshit. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but…
    Personally, I’d want to find out more about the family relationship. If they’re hard-line religious types, then the likelihood of “illicit”+absolute denial encounters are probably going to be higher, in my book.

  20. rAcHelCaPoNIe says:

    Haha.. no fuckn wayy.. she obviously hadd sexx. lyke who she tryna lie 2?

  21. Vortigon says:

    She forgot to mention that while in the pool. she had some guys DICK up her hole! Just a small oversight on her part I am sure…. LOL

  22. Vortigon says:

    Sorry to say this Duke, but by not immediately using the words ‘Bullshit lying little slut” and by even hinting at the fact that this is possible, you show yourself to be a little bit stupid.

  23. ZaneSiolo says:

    this is soo easily solved!.. check to see if her hymens stil in tact

  24. EnabledCorpse says:

    1) clorine will kill it.
    2) get her checked if shes a virgine
    3) if shes a virgin her entrance is fully closed-50% closed. NAd her pathway is tighter and harder to make it through.
    4) its going to bge hard for her to win the court case.

  25. RBlover20 says:

    if she’s a virgin we’ll believe her if not LYING SLUT!


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