Ann Wilson of Heart undergoes weight loss surgery

Discovery Health Channel special chronicling veteran rocker and lead singer of Heart, Ann Wilson’s battle with obesity and her life-changing decision to undergo weight loss surgery.

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25 Responses to “Ann Wilson of Heart undergoes weight loss surgery”

  1. hrmagoo says:

    I think Ann may not know herself completely. Sometimes, we do things and don’t know why. Like, she may have deep down wanted to get away from the public eye and wanted to focus on true love, not the superficial love she receives from an audience. Her inner being may want to be loved no matter what & gaining weight may be a way for her to get that true love and to stop performing to focus on herself. We should all question why we do things…it’s usually a faithful reason.

  2. Ulai777 says:

    did it work?

  3. msgais says:

    Its about the music…and I never had any use for MTV anyway, and never will. Much great luck and success to Ann and Nancy in whatever they do and wherever they go, and thanks for the influence on music and being an inspiration in so many lives, including mine. The strats, teles, flying Vs, Lead IIs, and Les Pauls are all gone now. I don’t even have the misty Blue Guitar strat anymore. I still have the precision bass though. What the fuck was I thinking? I dont want to be old anymore.

  4. akaraniq says:

    @oldbag699 botox lol who gives a fuck she still looks good

  5. FatPigAnnWilson says:

    You should cruise the Heart videos on youtube and look for the ones where Ann’s “front ass” hangs down between her legs

  6. oldbag699 says:

    @akaraniq botox ?

  7. luisvalen says:

    Ann wilson, love you

  8. stuh1975 says:

    Screw the skinny arse pop look. More large ladies in rock please..I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. reldnahc10 says:

    @Snaperific society has made it unacceptable to be over weight………sad……she is gorgious

  10. reldnahc10 says:

    @akaraniq I agree,she looks great !!!!

  11. Andreas748 says:

    she could use that big butt to stop the oil leak in the gulf.

  12. Snaperific says:

    it sucks that she felt she had to do this to feel normal or good about herself. i’ve always thought she was gorgeous, talented and amazing. she was my inspiration since i was a little girl, both she and nancy. they both are just, crazy talented people. american idol can’t produce anything like them. ann, you are beautiful. never doubt it.

  13. rgadave says:

    She’ll do for me anyday !.

  14. medievaljim says:

    OMG!! She is so beautiful, before and after. I wouldent have changed a thing, but I am glad she is happy. I love her voice and her singing

  15. kcso71 says:

    Ann Wilson is such a uniquely beautiful, talented woman who deserves way more than grim, hateful comments about her body and exterior. Why does it matter that she is or was over weight? It doesn’t show through the speakers, does it? She’s awesome and has been a favorite of mine for YEARS. Keep rocking, Ann..

  16. triptoheaveandho says:

    i would like an update onhow things went ,,but this woman with her amazing voice should never have had the vicious commnets she got i= am a pro singer as well= for many many years =and have always had toi deal with being heavy all my life also=i am certain it has held me back ,,and i understand so strongly how it feels to go out and sing your heart out and still be judged for what you look like best wishes to you Ann

  17. marishka42 says:

    Ann is very beautiful woman!

  18. aiiiiee says:

    I love Ann FAT!

  19. prporter1 says:

    @Joemnc yes!

  20. jessberk says:

    She is seriously the most beautiful woman in the world. Hands down. No one compares. I would kill to look and sound like that. F***ing amazing.

  21. Dredsina says:

    I want one of the best rockers in the world to be both healthy and happy! Now, if we could only get Mick Jagger to be healthy…

  22. raleighkoch says:

    Hey Ann,
    I’ve been listening to you and Nancy’s music for over thirty-five years, and we are ALL getting a little older, a little heavier, etc, etc, yadda, yadda, yadda. You and Nancy still rock, always did!!!!

  23. dataghost196 says:

    Hell Ann…you’re still so hot even if you’re carrying extra pounds…

  24. txnygotw says:

    so this video is 2 yrs old – how did it all work out for her?

  25. Lightofdoom123 says:

    ann wilson is a rock star!!!!!


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