Can a woman get pregnant from a dog?

At approximately 9pm on Monday March 1st 2010, “can i get pregnant from a dog” was listed as the #12 search result in google trends. “can i get pregnant from a dog” was also suggested when tying in “can i” in google search. We give you this PSA answering the question.

Seriously? Can a woman get pregnant from a dog? the answer is NO.

Different species can rarely mate because the chromosomes do not match. Even when humans do have a pregnancy with mismatched chromosomes, this can lead to abnormalities, deformities, and often infertile offspring. The condition called Trisomy 21, also known as Down Syndrome, occurs when the offspring has the wrong number of chromosomes.

(In nature, such instances of different species mating and producing offspring include mules, wholfins and tigards.)

The Nazis (Dr. Mengele) were notorious for carrying out cruel experiments on Jews, such as fertilizing a female egg with that of an animal species. Not surprisingly – and thank goodness! – they were 100% unsuccessful.

The whole explanation
Dog sperm can live in the uterus for up to 9 days. In this time, the dog sperm will try to break the egg’s cell wall nonstop, 24 hours a day. The human egg has antibodies on the cell wall that kills the dog sperm. But over time, the antibodies are slowly reduced as they kill the dog’s sperm. Most of the time the dog sperm outnumber the antibodies about 50:1; when the antibodies are depleted, the dog sperm can then penetrate the egg’s cell wall. When this happens the egg dies fairly quickly because the chromosomes do not match. So, nothing happens.

But – if you want to get technical – when the dog sperm breaks though the human egg cell’s wall, you are fertilized and pregnant from the dog sperm for a micro-second until the egg dies.

All sciences say a human can’t be fertilized by dog sperm. But, for that tiny micro-second, you are.

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11 Responses to “Can a woman get pregnant from a dog?”

  1. piseth7 says:

    LMAO! ow ew… get away get away get away lols…

  2. Borleys says:

    hey man Shane Dawson is badass

  3. tigerstripes379 says:

    @ToKnowAndBeKnown dude. i just wanted to know about chocolate and pregnancy. i type in “can i” and it’s at the top!?!?!?! almost as sick as the people that breastfeed dogs. WHO THE HELL HAS SEX WITH….nvm. i just remembered the story of the guy who died after having sex with a stallion

  4. xbitproductions says:

    @ToKnowAndBeKnown who knows, it’s insane!

  5. ToKnowAndBeKnown says:

    Why the fuck is “can i get pregnant from a dog” the number 1 suggestion when you type “can i” in google search?

    WTF is in womens minds?!?

  6. xbitproductions says:

    @AxelTiger thank you very much! please consider subscribing!

  7. AxelTiger says:

    I lol’d hard!

  8. TheDarkThoughtHP says:

    now its the most searches topic if u type ‘can i get’…yucks!!!!

  9. xbitproductions says:

    @OverRule1 wow, that is messed up!

  10. OverRule1 says:

    When I first saw that I was like why the fuck would someone want to do that. Then I thought maybe they are so ugly that they can only get some from a dog. But my friend showed me on this sick site and a bunch of video’s of really hot chicks giving head to not just dogs but monkeys and horses……there is some sick shit out there.

  11. llamabreath1 says:

    So I was trying to find this game online that my boyfriend has on his Droid & I was searching everything possible in Google. Finally, I decided to type in “can i get…” and what do you know, “can i get pregnant from a dog” was the FIRST thing that came up!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Anyway, I opened it just so see if people were serious about that question and it turned me on to this video; so at least it was good for something! Great video!!

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