Carol Burnett Show outtakes – Tim Conway vs Wheelchair

Tim Conway has problems with an electric wheelchair and a slick studio floor in this outtake from “The Carol Burnett Show”.

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25 Responses to “Carol Burnett Show outtakes – Tim Conway vs Wheelchair”

  1. dlrmo6370 says:

    Carol Burnett show was the best and still is, imo.

  2. tyme4mike says:

    I’d piss myself laughing when watching this Thursday nights. The “old man” was the best.

  3. residentmonger says:

    Tim Conways “The Old Man” and “Mr.Tudball” characters are my favorites.

  4. WindWolfProductions says:


  5. LittleSpooky says:

    This is hysterical!!!! It’s sad that there isn’t more comedy like this any more.

  6. Zapppo says:

    this character was the one that cracked me up to tears, especially when he was trying to fix the curtains & carol came in & shoved the curtains to one side, along with the old man. (not shown in this clip)

  7. ladiesman22 says:

    If you look closely, Conway is controlling the wheelchair, Conway is looking at the director offstage to see if he wants to continue or not. When you see Conway wave his hand, the director offstage is telling him the scene is a no go, but Conway keeps up the act. At about 1:15, you can actually see Conway controlling the wheelchair.

  8. ladiesman22 says:

    @KurosakiKuchiki Tim is controlling the wheelchair.

  9. KurosakiKuchiki says:

    Tim Conway’s looking at the guy controlling the wheelchair like “I know you’re doing it on purpose… keep going!” hahaha I lol’d really hard at this!! ^_^

  10. LunaOnEarth says:

    When he crashes into the window…. that cracks me up.

  11. beasst94 says:

    did anyone ever see Tim do the skit where hes in the dry cleaning place?

  12. dlvarino says:

    That was in an “As the Stomach Turns” Skit. I have it on VHS I believe.

  13. painekiller727 says:

    I remember that one also. It was one of the best ever.

  14. MissJCbabii says:

    hes a genius! i love it!

  15. dtshifter says:

    I would love to see the bit he did with falling down the steps in slow motion. I saw it on the show when I was a kid and he was AMAZING!!!

  16. CAPJOKER625 says:

    i beleive the character was named “pops”

  17. jrinn11 says:

    He had no name i don’t think. He was known as the ‘oldest man’.

  18. leonc100 says:

    Unfortunately, probably gone forever :(

  19. itsBRIEANAyo says:

    This was my fav. skit. what was the characters name?

  20. mgs617 says:

    I love this… Conway is the best…

  21. Plutootjes says:

    Thank you!

  22. steelersfan8651 says:

    CLASSIC!!! He & Harvey Korman used 2 crack me up. Hell, they cracked themselves up! Comedies 2day don’t even compare!

  23. coolmom9 says:

    does anyone know where the entire skit can be seen? is it on youtube and what name is it under? I remember this from my childhood–about 30 years ago.

  24. karatezombie says:

    The dazed look around 1:20 is hilarious.

  25. lyngstad1994 says:

    “no worries its gonna be alright” lol


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