How To Get Rid Of Acne-Pimples-Blackheads-Acne Scars-Acne Skin Care Review I review some of the skin care acne treatments that I’ve tried in the past and what I feel has worked for me. I review benzoyle peroxide, salicylic acid, tetracycline, accutane, roaccutane and some topical acne products like juliette’s clean and smooth, and the acne no more program. If you’re in search of clear skin I really hope that you get in touch with me and post any questions or helpful tips for other acne sufferers. There’s no denying that pimples, blackheads, acne scars, cyctic acne really take over your life when you should be happy. Let’s help each other get rid of acne for good

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25 Responses to “How To Get Rid Of Acne-Pimples-Blackheads-Acne Scars-Acne Skin Care Review”

  1. Acnefreein3days1 says:

    Wanna get rid of acne in 3 days time only? please visit ( triple W (dot) clearskinfaster (dot) com) NOW!

  2. blazemoon23 says:

    Hey, i was just wondering how can i get rid of my pimples because i have it all over my my face and soon it is coming to my neck i used spectro jel to clean my face with a cotton ball and massage it for 30 seconds and wash. I do this everyday but i seems its not going away do you have any tricks to get rid of pimples

  3. makeupartistdream says:

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  4. NicoleBritt67TM says:

    Ok I’ll do all those things. How do I buy this product???does it actually take away ur acne scars? I khow how ur saying it’s living a healthy life and diet. And I want that to but really my acne scars

  5. HealthNutifyingYou says:

    Hey try out the suggestions posted above. Try to cut out junk food (anything that comes out of a box or bag), eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies a day, quality protien (I chicken breast a day), llimit or cut out your dairy and wheat intake (because you might have a sensitivity to them causing the acne) and drink more water! Also if you can get your hands on some tea tree oil, use it as a spot treatment before bed, it’s easy to do but has a really string scent

  6. NicoleBritt67TM says:

    So What grade Should i get this product? because im trying to clear up my acne marks on my face and body. im on proactiv right now and its just not working. what do u suppose? and ill do wat u suggested

  7. HealthNutifyingYou says:

    Hey thanks for posting! The program I talk about involves changing your diet and lifestyle a lot so for someone so young I would try a few simple things before getting the e-book. My little sister who is in grade 7 broke out and tried tea tree oil which seemed to help. Also removing junk food, possible wheat and possible dairy could really work- Drink more water too! Good luck and please ask more questions

  8. NicoleBritt67TM says:

    i Khow exactly what you. i broke out REEALLLYY bad in the second grade also. im now in 6th grade, and i still have acne. but i do have some pimples. but i mostly like have acne scars on my face chest and back. so will this product work for that can u explain?? my name is Brittney

  9. HealthNutifyingYou says:

    Water, essential fatty acids (from fish oil) and a healthy diet are key to great skin! make sure the fish oil is a good brand like nutrasea and has more EPA than DHA (this boosts the anti-inflammatory action and is good for so much more than just your skin, just look at some of the research on it!)

  10. HealthNutifyingYou says:

    Great suggestion! Although when I use this I notice that it makes my skin feel really tight and won’t help with dry spots as well as something really nourishing. But it’s worth a shot since it’s cheap and is good for skin, especially if your skin isn’t too dry

  11. krazi13579 says:

    do not use shea butter on your face! clogs your pores like crazy instead try a natural all clear aloevera gel, about 3 or 4 bucks.make sure its clear aloevera, not green or blue….this is also great for moisturizing if you have oily skin

  12. HealthNutifyingYou says:

    shae butter will moisturize and has some anti-inflammatory and healing properties (as do many many products but this stuff is super moisturizing) and it’s not too expensive- try it! And i know it’s hard but don’t say you hate your skin

  13. HowtoRemoveAcne says:

    I’m sure it works!

  14. kaitlynandkrisbffl says:

    right now im useing the things my dermatoligist gave me and its starting to work but its making my face EXTREMELY dry and peely. im starting to notice all the scars i have…so is there something i can do to get rid of them? since im only 14 i cant just go out and buy stuff. bcuz my parents dnt like spending alota money on those things. i wear make-up and im like scared to take it off bcuz i hate my there anything u can tell me that might help?

  15. Gadzu23 says:

    I find real solutions to REMOVE AND RID BLACKHEADS on a website, enter my channel found in my profile, the website

  16. 10ManCity10 says:

    What happens if I scar the pore? Does it heal?

  17. reykii says:

    thanks for sharing! =]

  18. jennbby2010 says:

    wow she is HOTT!!!!

  19. HealthNutifyingYou says:

    The book suggests a lot of supplements but you don’t have to take them all- I would just go with PerfectSkin by Genuine Health and a probiotic. It took about 4 weeks for my skin to look the way I wanted it to and then after that is just maintenance

  20. wameezy says:

    I also take fish oil capsuls and it works. I saw improvements in my skin in just one week i take them twice a day, drink lots of water and use cetaphil cleanser and my skin looks just the way i want it to. Being a guy i never thought acne was a big problem until it got really bad. and i mean really bad. marks, pimples and all, it was so horrible. You just got to eat healthy, drink a lot of water and u will see major improvement in your skin.

  21. Vegetaniggs93 says:

    did you have to take a lot of supplements wen u were on the diet i have the book recently just got it and how long did it take before your skin was clear

  22. AzNxNeRo7xAzN says:

    did u say julius?

  23. popcorncky says:

    your sexy

  24. 123tomasb says:

    I use Cetaphil, a facial cleanser, and it really helped clean my pores. That way the medication i was taking really kicked in. However, i still have some acne and i am still frustrated. Oh well.

  25. HealthNutifyingYou says:

    I haven’t heard of “iPleadge” but i’ll look into it- thanks for the tip and support :)


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