My Bullmastiff has blisters in between his paws..NEED advice on healing treatment?

Question by butterflykiss2100: My Bullmastiff has blisters in between his paws..NEED advice on healing treatment?
Titan, my bullmastiff, has gotten these blisters before. The first time I thought for sure he had been attacked by ants, but that was not the case. He seems to get them every couple of months. They just come and go. Some of the blisters are small and some are large. They are inbetween each of his pads. The vet has told me to soak his feet in Epson salt and the blisters should go away, but they don’t seem to be disappearing in the rate of time I had hoped. Titan also licks them a lot. It looks so painful and I just want them to go away. Any suggestions on how to get the blisters to go away without putting him on medication?

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Answer by Wallace E
I am assuming these are forming between his toes. If so, they are probably interdigital cysts, which are fairly common in Bulmastiffs. I don’t know what causes them, but the epsom salts soaking is helpful in alleviating them. Soak the affected feet in a strong, warm solution of epsom salts for 15 to 20 minutes, then dry thoroughly and apply an antibiotic such as panalog between every toe. Do this until the the cysts are gone, then for at least two more days. Generally, dogs will outgrow the cysts, or build up an immunity to them. Hopefully, Titan will be in that group. Bullmastiffs that are prone to the interdigital cysts are sometimes bothered with cysts on the elbows. You can help prevent these by having soft mats for him to lie on. Good luck!

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