Why does cancer appear in some places more frequently than others?

Question by GuitarNoob1510181: Why does cancer appear in some places more frequently than others?
For example, people get tumors in their lungs, bladder, stomach, intestines, brain, breasts,and other organs but you never see anyone developing cancer on their fingers, feet, thighs, etc… Cancer is suppose to be able to develop on any tissue in the body so why does it appear more frequently in certain areas? Can someone please explain this to me, I really want to know.

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Answer by heyonah
It tends to occur more frequently in epithelial tissue because this type of tissue reproduces most frequently. Since it is the replication of cells that goes awry in cancer, it would follow that we would see cancer more frequently in cell types that divide more frequently.

We are also more likely to see cancers in places that are most commonly exposed to carcinogens such as UV radition and environmental toxins. So for this reason, some of the most common cancer places for cancer are the skin, the lungs and the digestive track.

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3 Responses to “Why does cancer appear in some places more frequently than others?”

  1. drankurbhardwaj says:

    there are many factors , some are
    tissues composed of actively dividing cells are more prone ,
    tissues exposed to carcinogenic products are more prone

  2. moondawg says:

    One theory is that cancerous tissue is bruised tissue. For decades, doctors believed that cancer was a growth. In the 1990′s, the bruised tissue theory appeared. Blood flows through extremities (fingers, feet) easily, because there is a straight highway of arteries to veins. If muscle or arteries are damaged, there are other arteries to continue that blood flow. Those wounds can heal more easily or be amputated. A bruise in the brain or lungs is more difficult to heal. Those organs are sensitive and a blood clot or bruise will stay there.
    Some people are more susceptible to certain types of cancer through heredity. Their parents had certain types of cancer, and they are likely to get that same type of cancer. Perhaps their organs of concern are more susceptible to damage.

  3. Risa J says:

    Heyonah beat me to the answer on this. Cancers occur most frequently in normally rapid dividing cells…skin and internal organs.


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