How long does someone with glaucoma last without going blind?

Question by nikkisixxisdabomb: How long does someone with glaucoma last without going blind?
My boy friends just told me he has glaucoma and I dont know hwo to ask him so hopefully some one else can aswer my question? I love him but Im worried.

Answer by Dawn D
Glaucoma can been treated very well these days with drops and or lasers so please try not worry.
Also see the glaucoma foundation website as they have lots of questions and answers that will put your mind at rest :-

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2 Responses to “How long does someone with glaucoma last without going blind?”

  1. Diamond says:

    glaucoma is a disease that results in a high pressure in the eyes that if not treated can damage the optic nerve and cause blindness.

    Treatment usually involves eye drops. Laser treatment is an option too. My father had glaucoma with very high pressures in his eyes before he was diagnosed. Weeks after he started the drops his pressures dropped (this was very good).

    He did mention that the drops stung a little. Tell your friend he must continue with the treatment even if it hurts because they control it and it’s better than going blind.

    You could check out the following site to start your research

    good luck

  2. wuz says:

    I think with medication (drops in the eyes) they don’t go blind but I think they have to keep on putting drops in their eyes to prevent blindness, a acquaintance of mine was putting these drops in her eyes for years for this problem, but I have lost contact with her so I not sure if I am correct to say this


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